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Frugal Confessions Friday – Frugal Living

Hello Frugal Confessions Readers and Happy New Year!

Here is my frugal confession of the week:

We traveled to PA to spend Christmas with my family and needed someone to check in on our cats (Danny Boy and Lyla) while we were gone. At the same time, Paul decided that he no longer wants to have a fish tank. Before we could pull the plug we needed to find a home for the few that are left.  At our Christmas party we found out that our previous neighbor Derek was hoping to add to his fish tank and was looking for the exact fish that we possessed (2 Gourami)!  So, we made a trade that was advantageous for both of us. Derek cat-sat for us and in return we gave him the fish (and some yummy chocolate truffles).

Thank you again Derek!

What is your confession of the week? I’d love to hear it!

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  • Aurora

    yesterday at Target I had a pair of cute boots that were 50% off in my cart and had a really great image of an outfit I’d wear them with in my head. But even though the one outfit would have been fabulous with these boots, I ended up thinking “why should I buy a pair of shoes for ONE outfit?” so I put them back … and I have no regrets!

  • That is a great deal. Here’s mine, a $20.00 pair of work shoes snared at Marshalls last night!! I just hope they are comfortable for 1 1/2 hours on my feet while teaching
    Barb Friedberg recently posted..2012 Foolproof New Years Resolutions (Part 2)

  • That’s a sweet deal. We’re going to have to find someone to dog sit for us when my fiancee and I get married and go on trips. I hate the thought of putting her in a kennel. Plus, the cost is astronomical.
    Jon – Free Money Wisdom recently posted..4 Ways Colleges are Ripping Students Off

    • FruGal

      When is the wedding date? Good luck finding someone. It’s great when you build that relationship with another pet owner as you can both save one another a lot of money!

  • Don

    Nice, win-win scenarios are my favorites!

    My frugal confessions of the week… hmm, I didn’t pay my son to shovel the snow on my drive (for a 2nd time) and instead just let it sit because I knew it would melt in two days.

    Got to love :)
    Don recently posted..Are We Financially Spoiled?

  • Had to go out and buy a Jacket and a Pair of pants for a presentation I had for a class. I found black pants and a jacket for around $37 at Target. I was expecting to pay at a very minimum $50.

    The best part about it is that they are good quality and wear nice. These are things I will be wearing for at least several years, so I was ecstatic with that purchase.
    Corey Will recently posted..HSBC Settles to Pay $1.9 Billion Money Laundering Probe

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