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Frugal Confessions Friday – Frugal Living

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Hello Frugal Confessions Readers!

Here’s my confession of the week:

We have not turned on our heat yet! In the mornings our home is around 62, and by mid-day it heats up to around 72-75 degrees. Since our summer A/C electricity bills were so high, we are determined to tough it out in sweatshirts, blankets, and our comfy down comforter to recoup some of our costs (I know, this might not sound like toughing it out yet, but I am a chilly person:)).

What is your confession of the week? I’d love to hear it!

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  • We’re still using our air conditioner, lol. We like it at 72 and the weather and our insulation has been leaving our house at 75ish…oh well…

    My frugal confession is that I’ve gotten so busy with blogging and job hunting that I haven’t been shopping in 2 weeks. We need groceries now but I have avoided the little add-on purchases which makes me happy. :-)

    • FruGal

      Great way to keep yourself from spending money!

      I hope your job search is going well; I haven’t heard from Paul, so I’ll ask him for an update.

      Have a great weekend!

  • Sandra

    I was trying the exact same thing. My husband and daughter fought me on it and I caved. So, we turned on the heater. The next day it was warm and muggy. Go figure… Houston weather!

    • FruGal

      Hehehehe–way to hold your ground for awhile. It made such a huge different in our electricity bill last month–from $150 the month before to $67!!!!

      • Steve

        Our bill was $70 with the heat pump on. It’s the most efficient time of the year to run the heatpump. For just a couple of bucks, you can have a comfortable house.

  • Lauren

    Are you kidding? I LOVE winter for that reason. I absolutely adore snuggling in my best with fuzzy socks and hot cocoa or coffee. The nice, low energy bill is just a good bonus.

    My confession: I’ve been trying to buy handmade whenever possible. This tends to support artists, and also nixes the need for things like outsourcing jobs and sweatshops. Recently, I’ve needed a rolling pin, but handmade ones were running about $100 on etsy. So not an option. So, I waited, and waited, and finally, a recycled piece of poplar was made into a french style rolling pin for $25. That’s more expensive than the mass manufactured version, but compared to $100 its a steal!

    • FruGal

      Hello Lauren!

      Great find. I love that it is recycled. Thank you for sharing:)

  • No heater here, either. It’s dipping down to the low 60s during the day; we’re all wearing sweaters and slippers. :)

    My mother-in-law wears crazy layers when she comes over. She keeps her house heated to 80 and thinks we’re damaging the children by keeping the house so cold. Actually, when my daughter was an infant I warmed it up to 68 in the winter and, unrelated, she stopped gaining weight, very scary. My MIL suggested that she was spending too much time shivering so she couldn’t gain weight because I kept the house so cold (nevermind that she was always bundled up in sleeper pajamas and blankets anyway), obviously BS, but way to question my mothering. I guess I’m still peevish about it, but no one is dying because my heater isn’t running!

    • FruGal

      Hi Penny!

      I fished you out of spam…

      I am writing this while my house is currently 65 degrees!!!

      I would imagine that mother in law’s telling you how to raise your child would not be top on anyone’s list…:).

  • Aurora

    I love getting cozy in sweatshirts, fuzzy socks and blankets in the fall & winter, so keeping our heat off of as long as possible is definitely something we try to do as well. Since we’re in PA, of course ours has already come on for the year :)

    My confession is that even though I only got pregnant 3 months ago, I’ve been entering codes for Pampers Gifts to Grow points online whenever I see new ones come up (they’re frequently posted on frugal mom websites & and already have over 500 points accumulated, even though I’ve never bought any of their products! For around 600 points I can get free birth announcements or personalized thank-you cards from shutterfly, which I’ll almost certainly have by the time I’ll want to order them. woohoo!

    • Great going!

      I always see pampers codes around the web. Have you checked out She’s great, and she definitely has posted the most amount of pampers codes I’ve seen yet.

      Good luck racking them up!

  • I like to keep it as cold as possible myself….not for the money, but for the comfort of sleeping.

    My confession this week is painting my own basement instead of hiring painters. In retrospect, I may be costing myself some money with all the ibuprofen i’ve had to take to help my aching back!
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