Article Roundup – Gardening Edition – Frugal Confessions

Article Roundup – Gardening Edition

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Hello Frugal Confessions Readers!  In light of our own forays into the world of gardening, I thought I would highlight some great articles from other websites and their gardening experiences.

Have you ever heard of square foot gardening or vertical gardening? I haven’t, but living with a small yard (and a big appetite for an edible space), I am intrigued and want to look into this more. Growing up on a farm, I have dealt with a lot of leftover hay twine as well, which is what Mrs. Accountability uses to help make her vertical watermelon garden. And if you’re not into watermelon…would you like to eat weeds? Interesting thought.

You may wish to check out Get Rich Slowly’s Gardening Project, which tracks the amount of time and money he and his wife spend on gardening and the results.

Also, check back tomorrow for a post from The Prudent Homemaker describing her garden out in the Nevada desert.

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  • Mrs. Accountability

    Hi! Thanks for linking to my vertical gardening and twine post, as well as my post about eating weeds! :-) I have been using the square foot gardening techniques for over a decade. My favorite author on the subject is Duane Newcomb. I even corresponded with him many years ago with questions about having a square foot garden in Arizona. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be looking forward to the Nevada gardener, it’s probably similar to Arizona depending on where she lives. Thanks again!

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