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Introducing the Pre-Holiday Purge Challenge: 30 Days, 30 Items for Sale

I loathe clutter almost as much as I loathe being wasteful. But this doesn’t mean we live in a minimalist home and compost our toilet waste.

Still, we run a tight ship.

So you can imagine my surprise the other day when I started to tally the sheer number of things that can be purged from our lives. As I started making a list, it occurred to me that others probably have lots of things in their lives that they’ve been meaning to purge, either through donating, selling, recycling, or otherwise giving away.

Enter the Pre-Holiday Purge Challenge

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Paul and I have a few expensive maintenance issues and repairs to address on our house, including a possible foundation repair at the end of this month (gulp!). On top of this, I want to take my de-cluttering to another level and rid my home and mental space of some items that are lingering for no good reason. Aside from extra cash, I hope to create more space, take the minimalist lifestyle one step further in our household, and decrease the number of maintenance activities that extra belongings take.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

November has 30 days in it, so I’ve gathered 30 items to be listed for sale beginning November 1st. Although I probably will list more than one item each day, the overall goal is to rid our lives of 30 items in total by the end of November. Our money will be funneled towards house repairs, but you could choose your cash to go towards savings, debt repayment, a credit-free holiday, fund retirement, book a trip, etc. In my post on Monday, December 2nd, I will tally up the total gained to put towards our goal.

Then I want to hear from all of you about the money you’ve made and the purging you’ve done!

Places Where I Will List Items to Sell

Craigslist, eBay, Community Online Bulletin Board, Yard Sale (or online yard sale), Half-Priced Books, Plato’s Closet, and Consignment Shops.

30 Items to Be Listed for Sale

  1. Juicer
  2. Five baskets found in the rafters of our garage
  3. Old laptop
  4. Old Central A/C unit (can only be sold to a licensed A/C person)
  5. Suit Pants Size 2
  6. Any electronic carcasses
  7. Cement Planter left by previous owners
  8. Cement Planter left by previous owners
  9. Door we purchased wrong size of, only realizing after putting hinges on it (doh!)
  10. Mini-Fridge
  11. Old ice chest (needs a new plug)
  12. Typewriter
  13. Craftsman 6.0 lawn mower—needs work/a tune-up
  14. Outside Light on a wooden pole left by previous owners
  15. A set of long curtains left by previous owners
  16. A set of medium-length curtains left by previous owners
  17. Lot of Xbox Video Games
  18. Lost: Season 4
  19. Mini blinds from living room windows
  20. CD racks
  21. Lot of cookbooks
  22. Lot of cookbooks
  23. Bar Butler Four-Shot Dispenser
  24. Bag of books
  25. More books
  26. Lot of Dog the Bounty Hunter books
  27. Orion VCR (do people still use these? I hope so)
  28. Decorative mirror
  29. Laptop Bag
  30. Brand new ceiling light (we replaced all of the flush ceiling lights in the house, but have one brand new light left over because they are sold in a box of two)

The 30-day, Pre-Holiday Purge + Fund Raiser challenge officially begins on November 1st. Will you join me?


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  • Laura

    I love that idea – I have been doing the same since I’m moving across the country in 5 months. What I started doing is making a pile for donations and putting post-it notes in books for people who I thought may enjoy them.

    You are selling your juicer? I purchased one on Craigslist a while back and LOVE mine! Made two juice batches this weekend!

    If you want to send me a picture of your pants suit (or a link of where it will be posted), I would be interested in it as I just lost weight and all my clothes are too big. Thanks!

    • FruGal

      Thanks for being my first person to comment on this challenge, Laura!

      What sorts of things do you still need to sell?

      It turns out I like the blender more than a juicer (the juicer I bought in my early 20s and have used only a hand full of times).

      • Laura

        I’m getting rid of some books (mostly fun ones). Additionally, I will be selling most of my furniture: couch (that pull out into a twin bed), dining room table and chairs for 4, two bookshelves (they may end up being free with another purchase), and my bed. That will not be until February of next year, though, so I can still have a relatively normal life until then! Good luck to you!!! Hope it all gets sold, especially now (just saw yesterday’s post)! All the best to you and Paul!

        • FruGal

          Thank you so much Laura. Exciting that you have committed to selling/purging so many items!

  • Sandra Gonzales

    Has Craigslist worked for you in the past? You prefer it over Ebay? Now that Ebay practically bleeds you to death with fees.

    • FruGal

      Hello Sandra!

      I definitely use Craigslist much more than eBay. I think it started because I was selling items that couldn’t be shipped (or when I thought about shipping them, caused a mental obstacle). The thing about Craigslist is I generally do not allow anyone to pick up an item from me unless my husband is home. If you don’t have a spouse, try out a neighbor for a partner.

      Better safe than sorry!

  • Momma J

    Hey…does that VCR work?! We still have video tapes and nothing to play them on. 😉

    • FruGal

      I think it does! That is part of my work over the next few days as I begin to list–I will check to see if it does.

  • Good luck with your purge!!! When we moved last year, we got rid of sooooo much stuff. And I know we could do it again, but I think I’ll attack it harder next year.
    Crystal @ Prairie Ecothrifter recently posted..Tesla Motors: The Beginning of the End for Buying Gas or Charging Batteries

    • FruGal

      Thank you Crystal! Moving is a smart time to purge things from your life.

  • I’ve been doing the same thing. I love getting rid of “stuff” but would like to get some $$ for it. It’s a lot more effort than I originally anticipated, but if feels great to be downsizing.
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted..Part Time Work and Unemployment. Is it Worth It?

    • FruGal

      Hi Stefanie,

      So you’ll join in? I’d love to see the progress you make by the end of November.

    • FruGal

      Hi Stefanie!

      Unfortunately, my husband was laid off Thursday (more info to come). The upside? He’s taken on the project of listing all of our 30 items. Hurrah!

  • Caroline

    Hi, I will join the challenge. After reading your post, thus far I have made a list of 4 things to sell, so I have to go find or think of 26 more items (don’t worry, they will come to me). After using Ebay and getting overwhelmed with shipping and not being able to outwit their bad placement results I just went on to selling on Craigslist and or Amazon, and never really looked back. On Craigslist, I will be putting up a Pottery Barn Silver Plated tray (wedding gift – never used it), a disney animator’s doll still in the box, a new black leather purse, and a Thomas the Tank engine DVD. (sadly the kids have outgrown him, he is so cute). I guess I will comment later on what I made with the challenge. Are you going to donate anything not selling as of the end of the challenge?

    • FruGal

      Hi Caroline! I am so happy you are joining in on the challenge. Thank you for sharing the four items you have earmarked thus far.

      Yes, I intend to donate what does not sell. That way it’s a true purge; these things are just clutter to me, but they may be something others are needing or looking for!

      Welcome aboard:).

  • Love this challenge – inspired me to tackle some of the things I’ve been living with but could definitely live without. Good luck as you kick this off!
    Claire recently posted..Topics We’re Talking About: Standing Up To Your Debt

    • FruGal

      Great to hear Claire! I am excited to see what everyone sells this month.

  • That’s a great idea! I’m excited to see what the other bloggers will sell too! i wish I have the time and energy to do this.
    Marissa@Financetriggers recently posted..Saving Money on Gluten Free Products

  • What a brilliant idea! I wish I had heard of this sooner! But I’ll try it in December so I can start 2014 clutter free!

    • FruGal

      Thanks Michelle!

      You can certainly still start–we are only 7 days into November. Good luck with whenever you decide to start.

  • Shellie

    You may be able to return the door even though you’ve put hinges on it, depending on where you purchased it. You can email me and I can give you more info. I did the same sort of thing with a door I purchased, I didn’t put hinges on it, but varnished it and was able to return it. :)

    • FruGal

      Hi Shellie,

      Thank you for letting me know. This was about a year and a half ago…so not sure if they would ever take something that old back.

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