Confessions – Frugal Confessions


We make point-of-wallet decisions everyday—both little ones like grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine to larger ones like taking a vacation—that collectively dictate how we live our lives. We are all given a limited amount of resources, and so the idea is to minimize our spending on needs, and maximize spending on our wants in order to live a fulfilling life. Success can be measured by the amount of money we have left at the end of the month, without having sacrificed our sanity, our needs, or all of our wants.

My point-of-wallet decisions center on living the Frugal Decadent lifestyle, which means that I choose to both save money and to get all of the luxuries that life has to offer.  To share my successes (and humorous failures), I created Frugal Confessions Fridays as a platform for to share specific things I am doing in my frugal life to save money every day. I love the community it has created, where people come together and share their own frugal tips, experiments, and results—we laugh, we get inspired, and we help to save one another money. Some of my favorites are:

After everyone reads my frugal confession they share their own, which is where I have picked up quite a few tricks over the last year. Please come on over and share your own experience. It can be funny, serious; perhaps it saved you $500, or just $0.50. All are welcome and appreciated!